Rear Door

Part : RDR

Hatchback and estate bodies are sold as 'three-door' or 'five-door' models. In these cases, the rear hatch is classified as a door; this is because it enters the passenger compartment. With other vehicles such as saloons and coupés, the boot lid is not counted as a door by definition because it is for a separate storage compartment - these cars are sold as '2 door' or '4 door'. This system is mainly used in Europe, but is less common in North America. In Europe, the American-style labelling is occasionally used.

Usually in North America, cars are only sold as "two-door" or "four-door" models. This American-style labelling only includes the passengers' and driver's doors, and not hatches on hatchbacks and station wagons. This has led to many not understanding that hatches are counted as doors in Europe, whilst the lids to sealed trunks aren't.

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